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The Church of the Nativity

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A friendly Anglican/Methodist Partnership serving the Community of Aylestone Park


Past Events

Christmas 2018 – Once again, church members met at Nativity during the week before Advent Sunday to decorate the church in readiness for Christmas. The displays were based on ‘the Light of the World’.


There were many candles involved, as you would expect for the theme, most of them battery operated, which involved a lot of time switching them on! However, it was worth it, as they set off the displays a treat! The church took on a very different look as Nativity scenes, angels, planets and a house appeared.


In addition, the big Christmas tree and all its trimmings was erected,

the Christmas banners were suspended from the balcony, bells were tied to the pillars and Christmas floral arrangements were created.


All this made the church a very special place to be in and many people were able to enjoy it throughout the Christmas season.

Flower Festival & Arts & Crafts Exhibition 2018 - It was lovely to see our church so beautifully decorated and to see the wealth of talent that we have in our congregation, over the weekend of 9th and 10th June when we had our Flower Festival and Arts and Crafts Exhibition.

Our displays based on the theme of ‘Simple Pleasures’ included fishing, reading, drama, singing for pleasure, knitting, crocheting, embroidery, cross-stitch, quilting, felting, gardening, photography, scouting, painting, sketching and of course flower arranging. In the hall, the Residents Association put on displays on the history of Aylestone and Aylestone Park, the Dance School also put on a display. In addition, Nativity had a display to show the life and activities of the church. The catering team fed our visitors with sandwiches and homemade cakes.