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The Church of the Nativity


Cavendish Road/Richmond Road Corner, Leicester. LE2 7PL

Telephone: 07821 436129


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A friendly Anglican/Methodist Partnership serving the Community of Aylestone Park


Past Events

Christmas 2017 - Just before the beginning of Advent church members met at Nativity to once again transform our church into something special for the Christmas season. The theme chosen was ‘Christmas Carols’.


The windows and church porch, together with a shelf placed on the centre pews, took on a very different look as shepherds, angels, Nativity scenes and banners appeared.


Our big Christmas tree and all its trimmings came out from its hiding place in the church, the Memory Corner became a village scene from Christmas past and once again the altar was turned round for all to see our Nativity tableau. All this made our church a very special place to be in and many people were able to enjoy it.